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We are the Serpents of Bienville. We are an artist collective exploring southern folklore, weird history, odd finds around Alabama and the Gulf Coast. We also interview members of the collective and people we find intriguing, who have turned their passions into incredible careers.
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Sep 20, 2016

These are the monsters in the woods, the creatures in the lake. Sean Herman sits down to tell you about some of the most feared and revered cryptids in Alabama. To read more Alabama Oddities, be sure to visit

Sep 14, 2016

We talk with Christian Mott ( about the wonderful work he does with Ant Farm Journal. The discussion, of course, turns into a folklore journey into theories on ghosts, creatures, vampires, serial killers, and exorcisms. You know, the usual light chat around here. Read Christian's story, "Farragut's Monster" and all the other stories we discuss from

Nannie Doss

Bienville's Sacred Oath

Florence Maybrick vs. Jack the Ripper

Exorcism in Memphis

Sep 5, 2016

These poor, unfortunate souls. From being struck by a meteorite, having your life's work stripped from your hands, to actually vanishing off the face of the earth, these Alabama folks are truly unlucky. Alabama Oddities is a short story series at on odd history, old folklore, and eerie legends from across the state. To read more, just head to our website, or check out our Alabama Oddities Map, a charting of stories by location, available in our webstore

Sep 1, 2016

Sean Herman sat down with Duane Knight of Flux Studio and Gallery to talk about his journey into making art his life, turning his passion into a career. Duane is a phenomenal artist and cofounder of Flux: a working studio, a curated gallery for local and regional contemporary art, an incubator for creative entrepreneurship, an educational facility and a vital resource for art on the Gulf Coast. Flux is also the new home of Serpents of Bienville Gallery at 754 Government Street in Mobile, Alabama.